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International Journal of Research in Computer Science and Management (ISSN: 2321-8088 )

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International Journal of Research in Computer Science and Management (ISSN: 2321-8088 Vol. (3), No (1)) peer-reviewed journal, aims to provide the complete and reliable source of information on current developments in the fields Computer science and management. It is biannual and the emphasis will be on publishing quality articles. Manuscripts submitted to “International Journal of Research in Computer Science and Management” must be original work that has not been published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. All submissions must be written in English. Manuscripts should be typed double space on A4 size paper using font size 12 and preferably not more than 10 pages in length inclusive of tables, figures and illustrations. All submissions will be reviewed. The scope of “International Journal of Research in Computer Science and Management” covers computer science and management. Paper solicited can be in the form of survey, tutorial, research papers, brief papers and case studied. This journal provides a national and international forum for rapid publication of work describing theoretical as well as practical aspects.

Instructions to Authors

  • Enough precautions should be taken to make the manuscript error free.
  • Soft Copy of the manuscript (only in MS word) will be entertained.
  • The publication may take three months to six months from the date of receipt of the manuscript subject to approval by the reviewers. All manuscripts will be selected by the Editorial Board and are subjected to editorial modification, if necessary.
  • Single author is preferred; however maximum THREE authors are permitted. Authors’ registration: In order that the manuscript is to be included in the Journal, at least one regular registration that too of original author is a MUST for each accepted manuscript. Accepted manuscripts with no registered authors will not be included in the Journal.
  • The Registration fees is Rs. 1000/-.
  • Authors will have transfer all copyrights of the manuscript to the publisher prior to publication.


Expected content of the manuscript :

Title : Manuscripts should be headed by a concise title. It should also contain full name(s) of author(s), title(s), complete mailing address(es) and address(es) of associated institutions where the work has been carried-out, if any, telephone and mobile numbers and email address(es).

Abstract : All manuscripts should be accompanied by self-contained abstract highlighting the main points of the manuscript, outlining the results and conclusions, and elucidates the significance of the results. It should not of more than 200 words. After the abstract, provide maximum of 6 keywords for information retrieval purposes.

Introduction : The introductory section has no title and begins on the page following the abstract. It provides the reader with sufficient background information to evaluate the results of the research. An extensive review of the literature is not needed. The introduction also gives the rationale for and objectives of the study that is being reported. It may include the scientific importance and relevant historical background.

Materials and Methods : Sufficient information must be provided so that another researcher can repeat the experiments that are described in the paper. If reference is made to a method published elsewhere in a journal or document that may not be readily available to most readers, then details of the method are to be included. If a published method is modified, such modification(s) must be described. Sources (company, city, state, or country) of unusual chemicals, bacterial strains, reagents, and equipment must be identified. Delete registered and trademarks when given with trade names.

Results and Discussion : The Results section provides information by means of text, tables, and figures. Results and Discussion may be combined, or there may be a separate Discussion section. If a Discussion section is to be included, place extensive interpretations of results in the Discussion section. Tables and figures must be numbered in the order in which they are mentioned in the text. All tables and figures must be cited in the text. Tables and figures reporting results should not be cited in the Materials and Methods section.

Conclusion : Do not extensively repeat the introduction or Results sections. Provide an interpretation of the results in relation to known information. Conclusions should be included in this section.

Acknowledgments : Acknowledge financial and personal assistance (sources other than your institution or any potential conflict of interest) and should not exceed more than 50 words.

References : Number and order the references alphabetically by the last names of the authors between and within each reference. Order references chronologically only when all authors’ names are the same. Only the first author’s name and initials are inverted. All references must be cited in the text by normal numbers in square bracket, with a space between the numbers of the references: [3, 7 and 22]. References may be made to papers that are in press, i.e., that have been accepted for publication. References for papers that have not been accepted for publication should be listed by the authors’ names, as submitted for publication. Tables and figures follow the references (see preparation of figures section). Examples of different types of references are given below.

  • For articles in Journals : Indicate the initials and surnames of the authors, the title of the Journal in italic, issue number, volume number, the numbers of the page and month & year of the publication, for example :

P.K. Roberts and A. B. Kang , “Top-down logic design,” National Journal Engineering Science, Iss. 1, Vol. II, pp. 585– 590, Jan 2005.

[2]     For Books : B.A. Forouzan, Data Communication and Networking, McGraw Hill, 4th Edition (2010).


Figures and Illustrations : Figures and Illustrations must be placed in the text. They must be neatly drawn and legible and one copy must be enclosed separately along with the hardcopy. The figures and illustrations in softcopy must be in JPEG format.

Kindly avoid seeking any exemption.

Last Date of Paper Submission: 30th June 2018

Editorial Board assumes no responsibility for the statements, opinions and subject matter advanced  by contributors.